60 people I’d want at my email dinner party

No, we’re not having brisket.

If you were going to have one epic #emailgeek dinner party, this would probably be the line up. If you aren’t prepared to clean up after these lot though, they are still probably worth a follow on Twitter. We’ve pulled 60** of our favourite global geeks in no particular order…

1. Becs Rivett-Kemm

2. Jaina Mistry

3. Justine Jordan

4. Justin Khoo

5. Jason Rodriquez

6. Chad White

7. Parry Malm

8. Kristin Bond

9. The Whale/Really Good Emails

10. Mark Robbins

11. Kristian Robinson

12. Kevin Mandeville

13. Ros Hodgekiss

14. Clinton Wilmott

15. Fabio Carneiro

16. Anne Tomelin

17. Annette West

18. Jacques Corby-Tuech

19. Anna Yeaman

20. Josh Green

21. Scott Hardigree

22. Dan Denney

23. Phil Singer

24. Frode A. Myklebust

25. Ted Goas

26. Lee Munroe

27. Steph Jones

28. Sharon Jennings

29. Paul Airy

30. John Bonini

31. Matt Slaymaker

32. Matt Byrd

33. Amanda Soehnlen

34. Alan O’ Rourke

35. Andy Thorpe

36. Bill McCloskey

37. Jonathan Pay

38. Dan Oshinsky

39. Glenn Smith

40. Brian Graves

41. Tink Taylor

42. Jordie van Rijn

43. Kirsty Trainer

44. Rut Dawson

45. Andrew Bonar

46. Vicky Ge

47. Jason Meeker

48. Dan Grech

49. Annett Forcier

50. Josh Rubner

51. Abby Wentzel-Elison

52. Jody Gibbons

53. Kath Pay

54. Todd Fraser

55. Joi Tamber-Brooks

56. Tom Riley

57. Alex Ilhan

58. Mark Finn

59. Russell Cragun

60. Wilbert Heinen


Bonus: ActionRocket People

1. Elliot Ross

2. Mike Ragan

3. Sam Beddoes

(**As soon as I hit ‘publish’ I realised I’d missed a few key players – and probably still have! You’re all invited to this imaginary evening, of course.)

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Millie Bartlett

Millie Bartlett is the Marketing Strategist at Action Rocket, an email creative studio based in London. Find her on Twitter at @Amelia__Jane

  • Jody Gibbons

    Super-stoked to be in the list Action Rocket! 🙂

  • http://www.seankennedy.ca/ Sean Kennedy

    Great list! I’d love to be at that dinner party too!

  • http://emailexpert.org/ Andrew Bonar

    Lets do this 😉 Stoked to have a place at the virtual table.