A =PROPER good idea from Bonobos

This email has just taken email creativity to a new level, so much so that members of the team and email community are still in a state of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’.

The concept is based on the idea that their customers are most likely sitting at their desk but can’t browse the site as their boss may be watching them. They are offered the option of viewing a spreadsheet or ‘I don’t do spreadsheets’ which goes to the homepage.

Take a look at the campaign from Bonobos which landed in our inbox yesterday.

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Animated GIFs in Email: Novelty or Necessary?

You either love them or hate them but whether you like it or not, animated GIFs are here to stay. Sure, they can be overdone, an email packed full of them is a pain to look at, but when used sparingly, they can be pretty effective. So when is it a good idea to use an animated GIF?…

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