Email Inspiration: Size? gathering user data

We love this email from UK streetwear retailer Size? Aside from being a campaign for their current sale, it doubles as an effective user-preference collection email. The shoe size that the user clicks on can be captured and future campaigns can be tailored for that, which is a lot more effective than relying on the user setting this in a preference centre somewhere. Continue reading Email Inspiration: Size? gathering user data

Are soft opt-ins a good email experience?

When you visit a supermarket in the UK, one of the first things you have to do is give a pound coin deposit before you can get hold of a shopping trolley (sorry, cart). It is an awful way to start a customer relationship. It says “Welcome to our store. Even though you are going to spend hundreds of pounds with us, we have no trust in you whatsoever”. It is an inconvenience, but because every company does it, it becomes accepted. Continue reading Are soft opt-ins a good email experience?

Realmac: Cleaning up our list

I’ve not seen many campaigns like this, so thought it’d be a good share. This email from software house Realmac is almost entirely about unsubscribing – giving people who aren’t interested in receiving future emails a chance to opt out, and in the process tidying up their list. I’m not sure if they did any data behind this, but this is the kind of thing that could be sent to an unengaged segment, as part of a larger strategy.

Screenshot 2014-05-09 14.34.30